Undergraduate Programmes

B.A. ArabicArabic
B.A. EnglishEnglish and Literary Studies
B.A. Arts CombinedFAIS (Combined)
B.A. FrenchLinguistics and Foreign Languages
B.A. HistoryHistory
B.A. Islamic StudiesIslamic Studies and Shariah
B.A. LinguisticsLinguistics and Foreign Languages
B.A. HausaNigerian Languages

Post-graduate Programmes

M.A ArabicLanguage
M.A ArabicLiterature
M.A EnglishLanguage
M.A EnglishLiterature
M.A HistoryNone
Masters in Development StudiesNone
M.A Islamic StudiesNone
M.A FrenchLanguage
M.A FrenchLiterature
Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Studies and ShariahNone
Postgraduate Diploma in Development StudiesNone
Postgraduate Diploma in ArabicNone
Ph.D/M.Phil EnglishLanguage
Ph.D/M.Phil EnglishLiterature
Ph.D/M.Phil ArabicLanguage
Ph.D/M.Phil ArabicLiterature
Ph.D/M.Phil HistoryNone
Ph.D/M.Phil Islamic StudiesNone
Ph.D FrenchNone
Ph.D/M.Phil FrenchNone